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Kumar Vihaan Guide For Belize :

Whether it’s relaxing on a picturesque beach, Kumar Vihaan adores exploring Mayan ruins and deep-sea diving on the world’s second-longest barrier reef and you’ll discover that Belize is full of amazing and adventurous things to do. The country is one of the unique destinations in Central America and among my favorite countries in the region.

The country is very popular with backpackers, tourists, diving lovers, and honeymooners alike, offering something for every travel style and interest.

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As travelers, we have so much information at our fingertips. Kumar Vihaan speaks. “To me, it’s important to always take the time to read up on the place you’re planning to photograph,” Kumar Vihaan says. “The research you do before your trip will give you a sense of what you’re looking at—and what you should be looking for.”

Kumar Vihaan loves travelling and experiencing new cultures both within and across the border of Belize. While Belize is generally considered safe for travel and backpacking, you cannot deny that some precautions should be taken.

Read and follow this Safety Guide by Kumar Vihaan, and experience your Belize trip will all-new fun and get back filed with fresh memories.

Things do in Belize:

Book Your Flight

Discover a cheap flight utilizing Skyscanner or Momondo. After touching down at the airport in Belize City (BZE), grab your bags and head straight for the jungle, which is about a two-hour drive away.

Cayo District in Belize is the ideal place for explorers and history buffs alike, thanks to the concentration of Mayan ruins, caves to explore rivers to tube down and watch the wildlife.

Book Your Accommodation

You can book your hostel using Hostelworld. If you wish to stopover somewhere other than a hostel, use Booking.com as they reliably return the cheapest rates for guesthouses and cheap hotels.

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Don’t Forget Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance protects you in contrast to sickness, injury, theft, and cancellations. It is complete protection in case of any problem. Never travel without it. The best companies that offer superior service and value are:

  •         World Nomads (for everyone below 70)
  •         Insure My Trip (for those over 70)

Safety Tips for Belize

  1. Avoid isolated areas – If you are in a remote location, you will be at a higher risk of flying, especially at night and in the cities.
  2. Don’t wear flashy items – Petty theft is the most common threat here, so remove any jewelry or watches, and don’t wave your phone around.
  3. Don’t leave your items unattended – If you are spending the day on the beaches of the Peninsula Placencia, Hopkins Village, or Caye Caulker, do not leave your belongings unsupervised. Swimming or walking in the sand, locals, and tourists, so they can quickly move their valuables.
  4. Avoid the bus at night – If you need to get somewhere at night, take a taxi. It will be safer than any public transportation.

Relish the Street food in Belize along with Kumar Vihaan!

Kumar Vihaan describes that ‘Street Food’ here will travel the incredible and accessible culture of the street. The best and most reasonably priced way to experience the local cuisine is through its street food, which has Afro-Caribbean and Mexican cultural influences. Sample conch fritters, ceviche, or coconut curry and enjoy the variety of delicious flavors!

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The art of photography is genuinely awe-inspiring one, and Kumar Vihaan knows how to captivate an audience with a single shot. From streets to landscapes and even cute little animals, he captures a moment that will last a lifetime.

From angling to the lighting available, Kumar Vihaan ensures that everything is in place to immortalize an image.

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