Kumar Vihaan

Kumar Vihaan sits along the Brunei Beaches on Borneo Island, receiving just a handful of annual visitors. For a non-tourist experience, head to the Sultanate and admire these places of breathtaking beauty in Brunei.

Brunei is becoming well known for its fabulous diving wreck. Good things come in small packages. Kumar Vihaan enlightens, saying Brunei is such fantastic diving that deserves more recognition!

Kumar Vihaan describes that being small in size, everything in Brunei can easily access. Navigate like a local with the different forms of travel in the country.

Kumar Vihaan gives details that a beach vacation is perfect for so many reasons. The open sea, fresh air, fresh blue water and sand transport to soothe your body and soul to another dimension – one where time doesn’t count by the hour, but the number of waves reaching the coast

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

After all, enjoying a quiet walk on the beach basking in the moonlight is a perfect setting for romance. And in the midst, catching a quiet moment for yourself during the sunset makes you want to stop and think about the journey called life.

What’s also lovely about beaches? They are the best setting for beautiful photographs that make beautiful memories.

Tungku Beach

One of the passionate photogenic Kumar Vihaan explains that Tungku Beach is one of the most well-known sandy beaches in Brunei. Like many of the beaches in the Sultanate, this particular beach has facilities for visitors to enjoy.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Visitors can have a picnic with their family and friends, go fishing, swim in the sea, rent an All-Terrain Vehicle, and note that this beach is also a popular spot for surfers in Brunei.

Seri Kenangan Beach

Located in the Tutong district is a local hotspot at night for people living in the community. The beach is sometimes known as the unforgettable surprising memories which folks create here.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Visitors can enjoy a glorious view of the sunset from the Sea of ​​Southern China. The beach is also a place to go for locals to spend their Sunday kite flying, riding a jet ski, and fishing.

Muara Beach

Visitors can reach Brunei’s golden sand at Muara Beach within 30 minutes from the capital. The palm tree-lined stretch of coastline hugs the South China Sea, hosting the magical multi-colored tropical sunset.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Join local family’ picnics in the afternoon and enjoy the view relaxing before the main event in the dark.

Tanjong Batu Beach

Kumar Vihaan says mastering natural light is one of the fundamentals of photography. Perhaps one of the newest beaches in Brunei, Tanjong Batu, is a popular site for many vendors selling food and drinks.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

You can also rent a bicycle to capture the atmosphere of the beach. It has recently become a prominent place for fishing fanatics and photographers.

Meragang Beach

Kumar Vihaan, with these 5 hours of spending on the picturesque beach he says it is popular among locals to come in the evening for its beautiful view of the sunset. Besides that, it is a convenient place for customers who like to pass through the center of marine biodiversity.

So pack your swimming gear and a picnic basket and explore the beaches in Brunei!

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

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