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Spend warm nights and enjoy fresh seafood antipasto in lively taverns. No wonder Cyprus is the homeland of a goddess. Kumar Vihaan speaks; don’t skip these fantastic places for photography in Cyprus with GPS data and tips for great photos of each location.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Find out The Best Things to do in Cyprus outside the Beach

Cyprus is the third major island in the Mediterranean these means cleanliness, sustainability, and safety of the environment – in other words, miles off the coast that are ideal for families and photos of the stunning holiday.

Just a 15-minute drive from Ayia Napa center is Limnara Beach, a small yet perfect bay of silky-soft white sand.

You can even head to adventurous types and can explore the nearby Cavo Greco sea caves – one of the island’s most fascinating natural sites.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

History on Your Doorstep

Kumar Vihaan highlights various locations on the island of Cyprus by stating that spending a week stunning on the beach is heaven for many. Still, if you want to be a little more energetic or extravagant a little culture on your travels, you can explore Cyprus’s fascinating past.

Today, you can get up close to the ruins and walk the paths traveled by one of the oldest communities in Cyprus.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Year-round fun for the whole family

Kumar Vihaan was born under a wandering star, with photography in his veins and ink in his pen. So, if you’re thinking it’s a little late in the year to be considering a getaway to the Med, you’ll find yourself pleasantly mistaken.

Cyprus has remarkably mild winters – so much so that it’s one of the heartfelt places you can visit in this corner of the world during the colder months.

Kumar Vihaan states that meeting and equine friendly local donkeys, dropping by a chocolate factory for a sweet treat. Even exploring Ayia Napa’s Sculpture and Cactus Park are just some of the ways to keep the little ones entertained – although it’s safe to say you’ll get a kick out of these activities too!

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Culinary Cyprus with Kumar Vihaan

Eating in Cyprus with Kumar Vihaan is both an activity like going to the beach or hiking in the Troodos Mountains. Cypriots are serious about their food, and dining out is usually not a small matter.

Kumar Vihaan gives detail to expect culinary treats such as the island’s halloumi cheese, hummus, and the traditional spicy grilled sausage Sheftalia. Throw in amazing kebabs and, of course, large portions of fresh seafood.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

A Meze Dinner – Anywhere in Cyprus

Meze is a popular way of eating in Cyprus and a great way to sample everything offered. The restaurants offer meat or fish meals fixed price meze, but be careful; never portions are small in Cyprus.

Cypriots target mass on Sunday for dinner with family and friends. Restaurants on the beach even extend your dinner outdoors on the waterfront to meet the crowds. It’s a lovely thing and a real experience of Cyprus.


kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Best Time to Go to Cyprus

The perfect time to visit Cyprus is in the spring and autumn months.

If planning to be in Cyprus in the summer, try to avoid the hottest months around August when temperatures will be very high, unless of course, you are planning to head to the mountains.

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