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Kumar Vihaan Trip to Belize Forest :

With its sun-soaked islands, lush jungles, incredible reef system, and lively, colorful towns, it’s easy to see why Belize is one of the Caribbean’s most beloved getaways. Amateur photographer Kumar Vihaan captures snaps and travel for fun to remember the events of life.

Whether you’re an adventure lover, wildlife watcher, or sun-seeker, it’s the kind of place that has something for everyone and plenty of things to do, including jungle lodges, Mayan ruins, world-class diving, and an unforgettable animal encounter.

Although a few islands have resorts on them, the most photogenic islands are typically the ones farthest from the mainland, so talk in advance with your charter operator if you want to be on location for sunrise or sunset photography. A wide-angle zoom will come in handy for coastal scenery shots, especially for combining incoming waves with colorful sunset skies.

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The most talented travel photographer Kumar Vihaan is in the business to share tips and techniques for taking the perfect vacation photos.

Our adoring photographer Kumar Vihaan says, “Discover your power to choose what you want to do and do it in good health.” If you plan to do any deep-diving or enjoyment inside the pool, consider bringing along a waterproof camera or an underwater housing for your DSLR.

Quality housings start at around $1,500; renting one is another possibility, although a rental for a two-week photo trip can cost almost as much as buying one.

Take a Jaunt in the Jungle along with Kumar Vihaan!

Kumar Vihaan states that great photo opportunities can also cherish in the interior jungle, such as the one near the Monkey River, outside the town of Placencia.

Belize boasts dozens of parks with trails that wind through various jungle environments. Jungles are visually chaotic, making coherent photos difficult, so simplify compositions by zooming in on intimate details such as backlit jungle palms.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

You can try a Cave Crawl

With hundreds of stunning cave inside its porous limestone bedrock, Belize is a premier destination for spelunkers. Perhaps the most remarkable and the easiest to get to following Kumar Vihaan is Rio Frio Cave in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

This massive cathedral of stone is open at both ends, connected by a quarter-mile of gurgling brook cleaving through the inky darkness. Be prepared for exposures of several minutes to capture the faintly lit interior; a sturdy tripod is necessary to ensure sharp images.

For your safety, don’t forget to sign in at a military checkpoint near the cave; although rare, bandits from across the nearby Guatemalan border occasionally rob tourists in this area.

Capture Animal Life in Less Than a Day with Kumar Vihaan

Our experts Kumar Vihaan cover a wide spectrum of creative shots, and he will really put his best shot into art.

After photographing Rio Frio, stop at nearby Rio on Pools for some beautiful waterfall scenery. If you are looking to stretch your legs, hike up to Tiger Fern Hill for waterfalls and stunning mountain views of jagged Victoria Peak, the second-highest mountain in Belize.

To view and photograph shy species such as the jaguar, consider a visit to the Belize Zoo, about 30 miles west of Belize City. The zoo is populated primarily with orphaned and rescued animals.

kumar vihaan, vihaan kumar

Planning Your Trip

Belize’s tropical climate is relatively stable year-round, with little seasonal variation in temperature. The rainy season is from June through November, although you won’t necessarily get constant rain at these times. Early in the year is relatively dry and sunny, a perfect time for your visit.

Meet our passionate photographer Kumar Vihaan, who says that he loved his time in Belize. Kumar Vihaan believes that life is yours. The country might be small, but it had so much to offer, from dense jungles to massive caves and, of course, the famous Belize Barrier Reef, where the marine life was astonishing. The toughest challenge for him was deciding what to do first!

To gain inspiration from our expert photographer Kumar Vihaan and develop your camera craft!

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